Easy Rider Dalat Motorbike Tour to Nha Trang – 3 days

Easy Rider Dalat Motorbike Tour to Nha Trang: Embark on an Unforgettable Journey through Vietnam’s Scenic Landscapes

The Easy Rider Dalat Motorbike Tour to Nha Trang offers an extraordinary adventure, blending adrenaline-pumping rides, breathtaking landscapes, and cultural immersion. Let the focus keyword phrase linger in readers’ minds as they anticipate an unforgettable journey through the heart of Vietnam. Join us and embrace the spirit of exploration as you create lasting memories along the picturesque route from Dalat to Nha Trang.

Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit with the Easy Rider Dalat Motorbike Tour to Nha Trang

If you’re seeking an exhilarating journey through Vietnam’s scenic landscapes, the Easy Rider Dalat Motorbike Tour to Nha Trang is the perfect choice. Get ready to embark on a thrilling motorbike adventure that combines breathtaking views, cultural encounters, and the freedom of the open road. Join us as we explore the hidden gems between Dalat and Nha Trang, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Easy Rider Dalat Motorbike Tour to Nha Trang

On this Nha Trang Adventure you are able to explore the best of both worlds and everything in between. Rich culture of the ethnic groups, history, majestic mountain passes, waterfalls and delicious Vietnamese cuisine, this tour encompasses all. Just bring along your curiosity and exploration blood, we will take care of the rest.

Detailed itinerary Easy Rider Dalat Motorbike Tour to Nha Trang

You can choose different options to experience the tours with us, but the motorcycle option is highly recommended. The routes that we take will go through many back roads, small villages, waterfalls… so the experience will be best to explore by motorbike, as you can enjoy the sights, sounds and smells  in a way not experienced by tour bus/car. This will be one of the greatest experiences to share with all friends. Our rides are comfortable, you will feel at ease with nature.

NOTED : Riding by yourself following our guides also available, so if you would like to experience that way, please CONTACT US for more infomation.

Day 1:  Da Lat – Lak Lake (170km)

Before leaving Da Lat, we’re going to explore the beautiful countryside of Da Lat with many interesting things along the way such as: Flower farms, Coffee plantations, silk factory, Huge Happy Buddha Statue, Elephant waterfall, one of the biggest waterfalls in Da Lat, rice wine making…and many daily activities of local people.

Easy Rider Dalat Motorbike Tour to Nha Trang 1
A Flower Farm in Da Lat

At 5:00pm, arrive to Lak Lake, the biggest natural lake of the Central Highland. Take a walk along the village, you can see lots of animals running around, people return from work and children playing before the day ends. If the weather is clear enough, sunset on the lake will be one of the most beautiful moments to make your day.

Easy Rider Tour to Nha Trang - Lak Lake

After dinner, You can choose to stay overnight in the long house – the traditional house with the M’Nong ethnic group – or stay in standard hotel.

Day 2: Lak Lake – Buon Me Thuot City (110km)

The normal day of the local will start at 5:00am. So it will be a bit noisy for 30 mins, after then it will be peaceful again. But that is also the usual time of sunrise. So if you can wake up early, you can reward for yourself the peaceful and beautiful moments to enjoy the sunrise on the lake, as well as seeing more of the local’s life.Elephant in Lak lake

(Elephant riding/showering or kayaking on the lake is also available with extra fee)

At 8:00am, after breakfast and local coffee, we will take the ride through the village roads, cross the river by ferry. You will see more about the lifestyle of people in the Highland, pepper farms, cashew nuts, cacao, incense sticks, drum making, there is so much on offer here.

Tour to Nha Trang - Local’s life

Highlight of the day will be Dray-Sap waterfalls, the biggest waterfalls in the Central Highland, and you also have a chance to swim in one of the most beautiful natural swimming pools with an amazing clean and beautiful lake. Free massage by the waterfall will be your unforgettable experience.

At 4:30pm, arrive at Buon Me Thuot city, staying in the standard hotel.

Day 3: Buon Me Thuot city – Nha Trang (200km)

At 8:00am: Leaving the Highland to the ocean city – Nha Trang, the connected road between them is really stunning. Going through rubber plantations, sugarcane fields, seeing how locals make rice paper, and riding through the pass that connected the highlands and ocean is just eye-opening. The history also gives you more insight about the Vietnam War.

Easy Rider Dalat Motorbike Tour to Nha Trang - Phuong Hoang pass

Whilst riding along the coast lines, enjoy the salted breezes, fishing village and many great view points for photoshoot before arriving at Nha Trang.

The tour will finish around 3:00 – 4:00pm, so that the guides will have enough time to get back to Da Lat.


English speaking guides, protection gears, insurances, tickets, entrance fees, accomodation…


Food and drinks, personal spend, some small tip if the guide make your day (optional).

What to bring

You should prepare some sunscreen for the day, unless you wanna become lobsters :)))

Flip flops are not good for activities, so shoes and sandals are recommended, we all know shoes make you look more active and cooler in the photos. 

Don’t forget to bring you camera, there are lots of beautiful and interesting things to capture for the whole day.